Dennis is the greatest

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I did not know Johnny Rain has a Tumblr…

My life is complete:)

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Jhené Aiko: "Comfort Inn Ending Freestyle" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)   

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From Time…

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Taste like honey dew, blue jolly ranchers and Hawaiian rolls

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Jhene & Drake - From time (Coachella)

Riri at 3:49 - Aubrih hug!

Aww!!!! They look happy to me ♥♥♥

good gracious I hope it lasts but I don’t at the same time lol. I feel like a hateful bitch grrr I want him to be happy but with meeeee :(. lol Rih seems cool though she’s being there for him and Scoripios get Pisces. Guess thats why he’s always surrounded by them Jhene, Rih, Abel. 

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Aiko X Aubrey…

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Drake & Jhené: Coachella 2014.

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"Tell me what would you like me to do…to help you…help me…help you" (x)

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Painting by Jane Moore.

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Yes Lord ! I Got All These Bitches Souls 

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Shut It Down ft. The Dream
Thank Me Later
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Say baby I had to mention. If you was a star, you’d be the one I’m searching for 🎧.

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